Resume / CV


  • PhD, Computer Science @ University of Washington
    • September 2022 – now
  • Master of Science, Computer Science @ North Carolina State University
    • August 2019 – May 2021, graduated with a 4.0.
    • Graduate minor in electrical engineering, specializing in system architectures and hardware security.
    • (Thesis) Side Channel Attacks on Real-World Devices: A Case Study on Apple iPhones.
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science @ Kennesaw State University
    • August 2016 – May 2019, graduated with a 3.85.

Work Experience

  • Currently: PhD student @ Security and Privacy Lab, UW
  • Embedded Software Engineer @ KCF Technologies
    • September 2021 – July 2022
    • Led design and development of operating system (OS), firmware, and various security technologies for an ARM-based networking product. This included implementation of critical features such as secure boot, as well as initial steps towards a trusted execution environment.
    • Developed and enabled OS support for novel product features (edge compute, certificate management, logging and introspection).
    • Maintained all build infrastructure for this product (including CI and local builds) while keeping best security practices for these in mind.
    • Developed procedures for testing and upgrading both the userspace tooling, as well as the product’s kernel.
  • Research Assistant @ HECTOR Lab, NCSU
    • January 2020 – August 2021
    • Researched side channel attacks (SCAs) on Apple iPhones — a novel, previously unexplored platform.
      • Wrote two papers on both digital and analog SCAs, involving thorough reverse-engineering of Apple’s proprietary software and hardware components.
    • Designed and built extensive custom infrastructure (now open-sourced!) to support this research, ranging from experiment control systems to massively parallelized data analysis platforms.
    • Reviewed current papers in the SCA field, staying up to date on novel attacks and defenses.


  • Development Intern @ NoviSystems Inc
    • Designed and developed a resource-monitoring platform to profile a large-scale, heterogeneous distributed machine learning application.
    • Identified and fixed bugs throughout the company’s application and infrastructure stack.
    • Began work on an FPGA-based hardware acceleration platform for the machine learning application. Implemented a solution for accelerated regex matching.
  • Engineering Intern @ B&R Industrial Automation
    • Used B&R’s software design tools to learn to program automated industrial systems.
    • Fixed and maintained various projects around the office, including product demos, automatic door security systems, and voltage transformers.

Invited Talks & Presentations

  • 2021
    • openc8 Hardware Demo: Hardware demonstration and presentation at IEEE HOST

Media & Outreach